Pietie le Roux

List of the French refugees at the Cape from 1688
Reputedly all of the French refugees that arrived at the Cape. Many have left again, some surnames were dutchified (eg Niel to Nel). Other surnames died out or were lost in the marraige of daughters (like de Ruelles). The origin of the manual inscription of Van den Berg is unknown
le Roux Family Crest

le Roux on parade (Franschhoek)

Part of th le Roux troupe. Front left is Willem and Minie le Roux with grandson Willem Gabriel. Middle/right is Burgert and Maritha le Roux with daughters Esme, Marie and Nina. Magdel le Roux and Niel le Roux can also be seen on the photo.The two banners represent the le Roux-descendants from Normandie (left) and from Blois (the brothers Jean and Gabriel, right)

Two generations Willem Gabriel le Roux at the Huguenot Monument
Willem en Mimie le Roux with grandson Willem Gabriel le Roux (1986)

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